Hello World

I’ve broken down and done it…my own personal blog. Don’t get me wrong, blogging is not new to me, I’ve been blogging for my son Jace at JaceDaniel.com for a year now, but QAInsight.net will be from my perspective and will be more on the technical side (JaceDaniel.com is 1st person from Jace’s perspective).

I’m really excited to share some of my thoughts with you on Software Quality Assurance and whatever else that may cross my path. Who am I? What do I have to share that is so important? “hello world” I’m Brent Strange. I’m a Quality Assurance Engineer who is currently employed at Corillian Corporation and have been here for almost 5 years. Prior to that I worked at Intel, and before that PCTest. History with these companies has given me experience with both software and hardware QA. I’ve tested applications as unique as Barbie Horse Adventure and apps as cool and new as Intelligent Authentication that runs on .NET Web Services. I’ve got a lot of QA thoughts and experience busting at the seams so listen up world!

2 Responses to Hello World

  1. Greg Hughes says:

    Nice dude! Looking forward to seeing what interesting stuff you write about here!

  2. Alex Scoble says:

    Cool beans. Interested in what sorts of tidbits on QA we will learn from you here.

    And thanks for the sushi tip. 🙂

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