Secure or not secure? That is the question!

Today Blake Ross points me off to an article about how much more secure FireFox is than Internet Explorer (here):

“Without question, Firefox should be your Web browser. Firefox is safer and more secure, for a start. A Web browser is one of the many doors and windows that viruses and other malicious software exploit to gain access to your PC, which is why security is an intimate part of Firefox’s underlying architecture.

The world should switch to Firefox for its security features, but you’ll want to switch for all of its creature-comforts.”

But then I flip over to BetaNews and see this:

“Proof of concept exploit code for an unpatched security flaw in the newly released Firefox 1.5 was publicly posted Wednesday by Packetstorm Security . The problem involves Firefox’s history database, which cannot handle extremely long page topics. A malicious Web page could cause a buffer overflow that crashes Firefox each time it is started.”

I’m so confused… 🙂 The propaganda is really getting annoying. It’s obviously helping the FireFox numbers though. Don’t get me wrong, I love FireFox, I’m just really tired of the “FireFox is more Secure” marketing.

“There is no security on this earth. Only opportunity.” (Douglas MacArthur).