Kleptomania (copy the uncopyable)

When testing Web applications in IE how many times have you ever typed/copied, by hand, the JavaScript error from the error window to a defect (for those of you who don’t test Web applications, the IE JavaScript error window doesn’t have the copy function available)? I’m betting you’ve done it TON. Copying by hand is time consuming, painful, and error prone. Stop the nonsense! Use Kleptomania from StructuRise. Kleptomania allows you to copy windows text from anywhere on the screen using OCR (Optical Character Recognition). I use this tool on a daily basis between the error copying and the graphics/screenshot feature. The graphic copying is particularly useful when you are attempting to copy a screenshot of the particular problem instead of the whole desktop or the whole window.

Kleptomania features include (items handy for testing in bold):

  • capture and process on-screen text of any applications, of any registered fonts
  • copy text onto clipboard
  • launch internet browser for recognized URL
  • start email editor for recognized email addresses or addressee name
  • sum selected numbers
  • count a number of words and characters
  • discover font name, size, bold/underlined style of used font. Stop unreliable guessing about fonts on the screen
  • capture and process folder trees, file lists, database reports, text content of messages and dialog boxes, menus, status lines, precisely selected areas of internet browser views, visible text of legacy systems, and more
  • don’t rely on application clipboard support or any communication standards behind the scene
  • when copying, preserve font name, size, bold/underlined style
  • put the captured text onto the clipboard in plain and Rich Text Format
  • full install and uninstall support
  • this is the first solution for capturing text by the means of OCR

The tool sits in you system tray and has about a 3 MB foot print. It’s definitely a must have for testing. It’s been part of my testing arsenal for about 5 years now! The tool has a 40 day trial and is dang cheap to buy. Give it a whirl.

2 Responses to Kleptomania (copy the uncopyable)

  1. Greg Hughes says:

    Kleptomania is probably the tool in my arsenal with the longest staying power. Still worth it’s weight in gold, after all these years.

  2. Anand says:

    Very nice Utility. I am sure utility like this will help test engineers in doing their job effectively. http://www.TestingGeek.com gives lot of information on the Testing and they have a tool section as well. I am hoping that one day they will have utility section with this kind of information.

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