Jump from FireFox to IE with the plugin FireFoxView

Many of us have seen the FireFox plugin that allows you to view your FireFox page in Internet Explorer (IE View Lite). Now you can do the opposite with FireFoxView written by Alex Sirota. This FireFox plugin installs context menus for Internet Explorer and allows you to quickly jump from IE to FireFox (Yes, you install the FireFox plugin to get the functionality in IE). This can be done in Internet Explorer by a right mouse click on any page and choosing the context menu item “View This Page in FireFox” or by right mouse clicking a link and choosing the context menu item “Open Link Target In FireFox”. Needless to say, this quick link can be very convenient when testing browser comparability. For example, if you find an issue in IE you can quickly jump to that page in FireFox to see if it exists there too!

Beware, as noted by Alex:
“FirefoxView isn’t compatible with Norton Antivirus 2004 and older with script blocking enabled. Important: The extension uses a simple ActiveX command to launch Firefox. The full source code is open as part of the extension. Apparently, Norton Antivirus (versions prior to NAV 2005) sometimes detects this as a malicious script. I can assure you there is nothing malicious in FirefoxView. Please check your Norton Antivirus script blocking settings if you want to use FirefoxView.”