Updating the NameSpace URI in SOATest

Recently the IA Web Service Namespace URI changed which broke all my existing tests in SOATest. While talking with support person at SOATest, I found out that there is no quick and easy way to update the namespace URI in each test case when your test cases are in the view “Form XML” (“Refresh the WSDL” doesn’t work). However, he did tell me that if your test cases are using the “Form Input” view, “Refresh the WSDL” will update the namespace URI. Moral of the story: When you’re done creating your test case, make sure and leave it in the “Form Input” view so that namespace changes are updated when you refresh your WSDL!

When I reviewed my issue a bit more, I discovered another possible solution. To avoid the issue when using the “Form XML” view, parameterize the namespace in each test case and utilize a namespace/value you set at a global level.

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