I hate DRM

I HATE DRM (Digital Rights Management). I understand the intent and I think the concern is valid, but consumers are suffering because they can’t put a system in place that works. With recent music CD purchases, and attempts to rip them, it’s been nothing but a pain in my ass; purchases being Santana-All That I Am & VanZant-Get Right With the Man (both Sony-BMG). Why is ripping my music important to me? Because I can fit hundreds of songs on a CD and listen to them in the car. My in-dash CD/MP3 player holds 6 CDs. Six CDs of MP3s is VERY convenient in the car. My process is simple: I buy a few CDs, I rip them, I burn them to CD and then I put the original CD into a big box out of the way in the garage.

To better understand my frustration let me tell you what I want as a consumer. The list is short:

  • MP3 format. My reason:
    • I don’t want to use a proprietary format.
    • I’ve ripped every CD I’ve acquired over the last 15 years to MP3 already. I want to keep my collection consistent.
  • Bit-rate equal to or greater than 192kbps. My reason:
    • Less than 192kpbs can be detected by the human ear. =>192kbps can’t.

Is that so freakin’ hard?

Attempting to rip the above CDs using my own applications, and a few that I wouldn’t normally use recommended by friends, resulted in pauses in all the songs, and in some cases the song wouldn’t even rip. The lame DRM alternative? Install and use the MediaMax software conveniently located on the CD. The software gives you the option to rip the CD in the WMA format at 128kpbs; both not up to my needs and standards. ARGHHH!

The workaround? Burn it on a Mac with ITunes. Yeah, I said it… Use a Mac. Whatever DRM technique that Sony-BMG uses to prevent you from ripping on a PC doesn’t work on the Mac. I don’t have a Mac, so I have my friend who owns a Mac do it for me. It seems to me that the workaround is self defeating for DRM. Whose to say my friend didn’t make his/her own copy when they ripped it for me? That potential copyright issue could be prevented IF I COULD JUST FREAKIN’ RIP THE CD I PAYED FOR TO MP3 @192KBPS!

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