Using WatirNUt to create tests to run with NUnit and NAnt

Coworker Dustin Woodhouse has released his utility WatirNUt to the outside world and is anxious to get everybody to use it. What is WatirNUt?

“WatirNUt is a utility that creates a portable, testable NUnit binary wrapper around watir test scripts and supporting files. This binary can easily be executed in NAnt’s <nunit2> task, with aggregated results displayed in your web dashboard.”

A while back, when WatirNUt was still in development, Dustin helped me get my Watir tests running in NUnit with his utility. In a recent blog post I failed to mention how I magically got my Ruby/Watir scripts to run in NUnit. That magic was WatirNUt.

If you’re writing tests using Ruby and Watir give WatirNUt a whirl and get those tests integrated into your build process.

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