Pay with your cell phone using TextPayMe

Do you want a free $5.00? No really, a FREE $5.00. No catches. You can get that $5.00 for signing up with the new service called TextPayMe. The service provides you with the ability to send money to other TextPayMe members via your cell phone using text messaging. No more unpaid IOUs. You know what I’m talking about, you keep forgetting to pay those IOUs back don’t you? C’mon you, that’s not fair to your friends and co-workers. They did you a favor by temporarily footing the bill and this is how you treat them in return? Because of your forgetfulness your so called friend is calling you a flake, cheapskate, mooch, rat, welch, stiff, swindle, and loser behind your back! Yeah, that hurts. I know, I know… “you forgot”. It’s not like you were sitting on the extra cash in your bank account gaining interest on YOUR FRIEND’S MONEY. You’ve got a “problem” buddy. Solve your “problem” instantly over the phone with a simple text message such as “pay 3 2065551234”. It’ll come in handy for things like:

– Split your restaurant bills right then and there!
– Pay your team or club dues anywhere and anytime
– Pitch in real money instead of IOUs for a shared gift
– Settle your roommate’s rent and utility bills on the

Pretty cool…technology and all. Times have changed (so Grandpa portrays in his stories about pushing wheelbarrows of gold coins 12 miles uphill through snow to pay off a 1 month old IOU to his bookie that had an astonishingly low interest rate of 3.2%).

Seriously, TextPayMe is a pretty handy service. Click the ad below and sign up!

SignUp at TextPayMe

P.S. If I can get 35 people to sign up for free money and a sweet service I can win an XBOX360. Make sure and click the ad to give me credit. But, I am in no way motivated by this offer. I swear on my Grandpa’s wheelbarrow. It sure would be a God-send to get this nice little reward for my poor children though. My 8 adopted children, who have never had a game console and spend their evenings playing UNO with a deck that has 3 missing cards, because Dad can’t afford to buy them a game console due to his $5.00 an hour QA job.

Isn’t it exciting to see these reminiscent flashes of the dot com boom where companies gave away things to gain customers? Is it a sign that the economy is back to it’s good ‘ol self? Maybe good ‘ol Dad can get bumped up to $6.00 an hour if things keeping looking up!

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