Extend WATIR with WET

WET (Watir Extension Toolkit) is an add-on to the Watir Framework to provide some enhanced features and functions. I haven’t used WET myself since I’ve invested in SWEA instead, but the WET extension definitely offers some nice testing additions. Here is the description of WET from the WET site:

WET sits on top of Watir. WET classes inherit from Watir and therefore adds features without removing support for any of the existing feature. The marquee of the enhanced features is the availability of support for the XML Object repository. The XML Object repository, is a way of representing objects on a DOM page in a XML based hierarchy. Besides the Object Repository WET offers many other features like:

  • Object identification using multiple parameters
  • Improved result logging
  • Checkpoints
  • Reliable handling of Popup dialogs
  • Rudimentary datatable support
  • Control of test execution using test definitions

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