Recent updates to SWEA (SWExplorerAutomation)

Our good ol’ Mr. Alex Furman continues to add features and fixes to SWEA. SWEA is now up to version Here is a list of his recent changes:

V1.7.7.1 (published 03-26-2006)
Improvement: Added script recording for Multi-select list boxes.
Improvement:  Improved scene identification for pages with script and frames.
Fixed: Various small bug fixes.

V1.7.6.1 (published 03-18-2006)
Improvement: Added Create Control/Record Control sequence. After creation the control will be focused in the project view and the control editor will be activated to allow script recording.
Improvement:  Added IE restart button/menu.
Improvement:  Save of a new script will pre-fill the script file name using the current project file name.
Improvement:  Added Invoke tab for all controls to record  Set/Get/Method/Script calls.
Improvement:  Added support for Multi-Monitor systems.
Improvement:  Added Drag&Drop support to the Script Recorder View.
Fixed: Various small bug fixes.

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