You can now get your Internet Explorer 6 and 7 add-ons through the new IE add-on web site According to the IEBlog:

“Products on the site either work directly with Internet Explorer 6 or 7, or use the IE platform, and have to meet the CNET Software Submission Requirements and Adware and Spyware Policy before being posted. We also welcome users, editors and industry specialists to write and post reviews for each add-on, and report problem software.”

A quick perusal of the initial list of add-ons sparked no interest for my QA mind. After about 2 minutes of looking around I realized that the new IE Developer Toolbar was not to be found on the site. Seems odd… I know it’s in beta but that shouldn’t keep it off the site! Maybe it didn’t meet the “Software Submission Requirements”?

Once the word is out and the add-ons are submitted, this should be a nice little portal (hopefully as nice as the FireFox extensions site).

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