Government helps solve identity theft with reactive measures

Today Greg sent me a link and after clicking it the title of the article had me thinking that the identity theft pendulum had begun to swing the other way (in our favor). The article title was: Veterans Affairs chief calls for stronger data laws

The article is a reactive statement to the 26.5 million veterans information that was stolen a while ago and starts out hopeful with a great inspirational quote:

“It’s an emergency at the VA, and it should be an emergency in our society,”

but then starts to take a roll down hill with:

Rep. Tom Davis, the Virginia Republican who heads the committee, said the incident had prompted him to weigh changes to a law called the Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002, which outlines procedures federal agencies must undertake in order to protect their data and systems.

I wonder, is it the actual incident that prompted Tom OR WAS IT THE FACT THAT THE VETS ARE SUING? Hope spirals back into the vast wasteland of stolen identity when the article goes on to say:

That law requires agencies to notify law enforcement and internal inspectors general when a breach occurs, but it does not require notification of potential victims or the public. It must be updated to include penalties, incentives and “proactive notification requirements,” Davis said, adding that he is “troubled as the number and scope of losses continues to expand.”

So if I understand right, once you let my data get stolen you’ll find it in the goodness of your heart to tell me (instead of me finding out after my bank account is drained). That’s proactive? I think not. Proactive is encrypting my data and being certified to manage my data. Ugh..This is pathetic.

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