STARWEST 2006 Program Announced

The StarWest 2006 program has been announced and it looks great! Lots and lots of stuff with the same ol’ and brand new speakers:


How to Build Your Own Robot Army;Harry Robinson, Google, Inc.

Software Security Testing: It’s Not Just for Functions Anymore; Gary McGraw, Cigital, Inc.

Dispelling Testing’s Top Ten Illusions; Lloyd Roden, Grove Consultants

What Every Tester Needs to Know to Succeed in the Agile World Jean Tabaka, Rally Software Development

Say Yes-or Say No? What to Do When You’re Faced with the Impossible; Johanna Rothman, Rothman Consulting Group, Inc.

Session-Based Exploratory Testing: A Large Project; Adventure Bliss, Captaris, Inc.


Essential Test Management and Planning; Rick Craig, Software Quality Engineering

Introduction to Systematic Testing; Dale Perry, Software Quality Engineering

How to Break Software; Joe Basirico, Security Innovation, Inc.

Managing Test Outsourcing; Martin Pol, POLTEQ IT Services BV

Becoming an Influential Test Team Leader; Randall Rice, Rice Consulting Services Inc.

Key Test Design Techniques; Lee Copeland, Software Quality Engineering

Implementing a Test Automation Framework; Linda Hayes, Worksoft, Inc.

Agile Software Product Testing Using Fit and FitNesse; Rob Myers, Net Objectives

How to Build, Support, and Add Value to Your Test Team; Lloyd Roden, Grove Consultants

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System for Testers; Chris Menegay, Notion Solutions, Inc.

Performance Testing Secrets in Context; Scott Barber, PerfTestPlus, Inc.

Model-Based Testing: The Dynamic Answer to Test Automation; Harry Robinson, Google, Inc.

Measurement and Metrics for Test Managers; Rick Craig, Software Quality Engineering

How to Break Software Security; Aditya Kakrania, Security Innovation, Inc.

Just In Time Testing; Robert Sabourin,, Inc.

Test Process Improvement; Martin Pol, POLTEQ IT Services BV

Establishing a Fully-Integrated Test Automation Architecture; Edward Kit, Software Development Technologies

Test Estimation Using Test Point Analysis; Ruud Teunissen, POLTEQ IT Services BV

Requirements Based Testing;Richard Bender, Bender RBT, Inc.

Behind Closed Doors: Secrets of Great Test Management;Johanna Rothman, Rothman Consulting Group, Inc., and Esther Derby, Esther Derby Associates, Inc.

Risk Based Testing; Julie Gardiner, QST Consultants Ltd.



The Nine “Forgettings”
-Quantifying the Value of Your Testing to Management -Step Away From the Tests: Take a Quality Break -Management Networking -Skill Diversity: The Key to Building the Ideal Test Team -Building a Testing Factory -Keeping it Between the Ditches: A Dashboard to Guide Your Testing -Improving the Skills of Software Testers

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