Choosing Performance Testing with Scott Barber

In the latest eLetter (Tool Look) Scott Barber talks about how he got into performance testing and gives some simple advice on how to select the appropriate performance testing tool for your application. Read the Tool Look article here.

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  1. Scott Barber says:


    Why I’m just now finding this, a year late, I don’t know, but thanks for the link. The whole tool selection topic is one that I mostly keep hoping will go away someday, but it never seems too. Folks (and by that, I probably mean managers and executives with budgets) just don’t seem to get the part where to have success they need to find a good performance tester first, and let *that* person figure out the best tool for the job.

    It makes sense, really. I mean, who would go out and buy a bunch of tools at the hardware store, put them on the driveway, then go hire a contractor to build an addition to their house using exactly the tools they just bought and laid in the driveway?

    <sigh> I guess it could be worse, those same folks could still be saying "What do we need performance testing for? Just add another Web server!" 😉

    Scott Barber
    President & Chief Technologist, PerfTestPlus, Inc.
    Executive Director, Association for Software Testing

    "If you can see it in your mind…
    you will find it in your life."

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