WatirMaker is now WatirRecorder++ and is going open source

Coworker Scott Hanselman and Rutger Smit have given WatirMaker an overhaul and renamed it WatirRecorder++. Read more and download it here.

At this time this appears to be the only recorder for Watir, there was a Watir WebRecorder but for some reason it has been deemed “unavailable until further notice”.

If you just started looking into Web browser automation make sure and give SWEA, C#, and NUnit a try; I think you’ll be more impressed with this solution if you’re in a .NET environment.

2 Responses to WatirMaker is now WatirRecorder++ and is going open source

  1. Tony Bunce says:

    There is also a ruby based recorder for Watir.

    Scott Hansleman posted it on his site a while back and I have posted a newer "enhanced" version.


  2. Another solution for .Net developers is to use WatiN, a port of the Watir API to .Net. Check out http://watin.sourceforge.net

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