WatiN: Web application testing using .NET languages (inspired by Watir)

Coworker Scott discovered an up and coming alternative to Watir called WatiN. What is WatiN?

Inspired by Watir, I started developing WatiN in December 2005 to make a similar kind of Web Application Testing possible for the .Net languages. Since then WatiN is grown to a feature rich and stable framework. It consists of about 50 classes, wrapping all major HTML elements. It can manipulate elements in the IE HTML window, and in modal and modeless HTML dialogs. It handles alert windows and supports a basic but extensible logging mechanism. A great deal of the code is covered by unit tests but there’s room for improvement in that area. WatiN is developed in C# and aims to bring you an easy way to automate tests with Internet Explorer.

Further details can be found at:


As Scott said, this is something to keep your eye on. But since there is no recorder functionality (yet?) I will definately be sticking with SWEA.

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