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I’ve been testing Web Services with Parasoft’s SOATest for over a year now and I’ve been pretty happy with it. I have only one complaint, but the complaint can’t be resolved by any Web Service testing tool that I can find. My complaint is that I need a test tool that supports WSE 2.0 SCT (Secure Conversation Tokens). Philippe Cheng, a developer on my team, has created a work around for me by wrapping our Web Service requiring SCT with another Web Service that feeds it the SCT it needs.

Naturally, while trying to figure out how to solve my SCT issue I started paying closer attention to other tools and have noticed two promising tools:

1. AdventNet QEngine
2. SoapUI

I haven’t installed QEngine yet but I did play around with SoapUI a couple of weeks ago and it was pretty shiny. Each of the applications seem to have cool little features that make me think “Ohhhh, that’d be cool if SOATest had that“. I’ll post my thoughts/comparisons on the 3 eventually, but I just wanted to throw them out there in case you are shopping for a Web Service testing tool.

Oh, and AdventNet has a feature comparison chart for the Web Service test tools QEngine, SOATest, SoapScope, and WebServiceTester.

2 Responses to Web Service testing tool contenders

  1. Jebasingh says:

    When are going to post your reviews on the 2 products.. im eagerly waiting for your post…

  2. Brent says:

    When the rumbly, cloud filled sky parts and provides a path to free time! 🙂


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