An adventure with blog traffic

I pay a lot of attention to what brings people into and I have to say I’m surprised, disappointed, and flabbergasted by what people are interested in…

I want people to be interested in due to it’s Quality Assurance and testing tool posts, and I’ve done my best to market it that way by doing things such as allowing my content to be blog farmed at so that the posts sit next to other popular QA peoples in the industry (Bret Pettichord, James Bach, etc). Doing this has helped bring in readers and traffic (which is great)! But what bugs me is that my shocklog entries are the traffic drivers for!?

Check out how my post Six reasons why Robert Scoble is Mini-Microsoft caused a surge:

And how Death toll rises due to FireFox made a mountain out of a mole hill.

I don’t get it… People would rather read my gossip and fiction over a QA related post? Hey now, I know, I know. Yes, QA can be boring. Yes, QA doesn’t apply to everybody but gossip and fiction sure does.

I like to write both (fact and fiction) but the fiction is hard to swallow because I didn’t create the site for that. What are your thoughts? Do you want more “Enquirer” type posts? Should I move those type of entries to a separate category? Should I not change a thing?

4 Responses to An adventure with blog traffic

  1. Brent Murry says:

    Remember Brent, people are stupid. As much as many of us wish we didn’t occasionally, or even always, fall into that bucket, it’s still true.

    Don’t evaluate your site based on the actions of the unwashed web masses. To define your value by that benchmark is meaningless.


  2. Rick Langdon says:

    I, for one, am most interested in the QA content. It is why I started reading and primarily why your blog is on my subscription list.

    That said, I enjoy your other musings as well. As far as I am concerned, this is your blog, your space to be heard, your showcase for whatever you wish.

    So, the totally free (and worth every cent!) advice of a complete stranger is, follow your heart but please just keep writing.

  3. Phillip Forteza says:

    Metrics are only as good as the information recorded. I don’t always select the link to bring an article to the forefront to read it, which is what I guess is what you are logging for being read.

    I check out your site to generally find some cool trick, technique or tool that is not already in my bag of tricks. I do like your fictional stories as they can make me forget about a troublesome sight for 10 minutes.

    Your blog is your world. I kind of hope that you keep the same format going. But definitely keep giving me QA stuff to use.

  4. a good blog takes time. you have the content, but the right people have to find it. if you write some fiction stories, maybe many people come, but don’t stay. but people, that like your QA stuff, will subscribe and stay.

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