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Borland SilkTest 2006 is “Available”


SilkTest 2006 has been released… to customers; and in this release they have one baked feature:

Integration with Borland® StarTeam
SilkTest 2006 supports integration with Borland’s StarTeam 2005 that enables you to manage and share your SilkTest project files, test scripts, custom include files, and data files.

The SilkTest source control integration with StarTeam supports file check-in, check-out, get-latest-version, and other functions typical for source control systems.

also included in this release is the unbaked, beta release?? feature:

SilkTest TrueLog
TrueLog is a powerful technology that simplifies root cause analysis of test case failures via visual verification. The results of test runs can be examined in Silk TrueLog Explorer. When an error occurs during a test run, Silk TrueLog Explorer enables you to easily locate the line in your 4Test script that generated the error so that the issue can be resolved.

Silk TrueLog Explorer for SilkTest 2006 is a beta release.

I can see the TrueLog feature being pretty helpful for troubleshooting post run. Read more info here.

SilkTest has a lot of competition now days and in comparison can be a tad spendy at $6500. Hey, did you know that the SWEA and NUnit automation solution will cost you a whopping $59.00? I’ve used both SilkTest and SWEA for web page testing and I prefer SWEA. Yes, SilkTest is capable of a lot more, but if you’re looking for plain ol’ web page automation make sure to give SWEA a test drive.

Update to my User Agent Switcher XML file


Back in December I blogged about Chris Pederick’s FireFox extension User Agent Switcher that does browser user agent spoofing. At the time I provided a small list of user agents that could be imported into the cool little extension. Since then I’ve modified and added quite a bit to that list. I’m sharing my new user agent list with you here. The new list now includes these browser OS combinations (thanks to Philip Forteza for the Linux versions):

*Internet Explorer*
MSIE 7 Beta  (Win XP)
MSIE 7 Beta  (Win Vista)
MSIE 6 (Win XP)
MSIE 5.5 (Win 2000)
MSIE 5.5 (Win ME)
MSIE 5.0 (Win 95)
MSIE 4.01 (Win 95)
MSIE 4.0 (Win NT)
FireFox 2.0 Beta2 (XP)
FireFox (Fedora Core 5/Linux)
FireFox (Debian Linux)
FireFox (Mac OSX)
FireFox (Win Vista)
FireFox 1.5 (Win XP)
FireFox 1.4 (Win XP)
FireFox 1.0.7 (Win XP)
FireFox 1.0.6 (Win XP)
FireFox 1.0.5 (SlackWare/Linux)
FireFox 1.0.4 (FreeBSD)
FireFox 1.0 (Win XP)
FireFox 0.9.3 (Windows XP)
Opera 8.0 (Win 2000)
Opera 7.6 (Server 2003)
Opera 7.51 (Win XP)
Opera 7.5 (Win XP)
Opera 7.5 (Win ME)
Opera 4
Opera 3
Opera 2
Opera 1
Netscape 8.1  (Win XP)
Netscape 8.0.1 (Win XP)
Netscape 7.2 (Win 2000)
Netscape 7.1 (Win 98)
Netscape 4.8 (Win XP)
Netscape 4.76 (Win 98)
Netscape 4.5 (Win 98)
Netscape 4.05 (Win 95)
Netscape 3.01 gold (Win 95)
Netscape 2.02 (Win 95)
Safari 3.0 (v521)
Safari 2.0 (v412)
Safari 2.0 (v401)
Safari 1.3 (v162)
Safari 1.3 (v158)
Safari 1.3 (v146)
Safari 1.2  (v125.8; OSX 10.3.4)
Safari 1.1 (v100.1; OSX 10.3.2)
Safari 1.0 (v85)
Safari 1.0 (v74 beta 2)
Safari 1.0 (v73 beta 2)
Safari 1.0 (v64 beta)
Safari 1.0 (v51 update 1.0 beta)
Safari 1.0  (v48 public beta)
AOL 9.0/MSIE 6.0 (Win XP)
AOL 8.0/MSIE 6.0 (Win XP)
AOL 7.0/MSIE 5.5 (Win 98)
AOL 6.0/MSIE 5.5 (Win 98)
AOL 5.0/MSIE 5.0 (Win 98)
AOL 5.0 (OS X)
AOL 5.0 (Mac PPC)
AOL 4.0/MSIE 3.02 (Win 95)
AOL 4.0/MSIE 4.01 (Win 95)
AOL 4.0 (Mac PPC)
AOL 4.0 (Mac 68k)
AOL 4.0/MSIE 3.0  (Win 3.1)
AOL 3.0/MSIE 3.02 (Win 95)
AOL 3.0/MSIE 4.01 (Win 95)
Mozilla 1.7.8 (Linux)
Googlebot 2.1 (New version)
Msnbot 1.0
Msnbot 1.0 Beta (v0.11)
Yahoo Slurp
Ask Jeeves/Teoma

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