Software is like sausage

I often discover new QA blogs through my readers via comments or referrer URLs. Today I discovered because Željko left a comment on When I went and checked out his blog I laughed pretty hard at one particular post/joke Software is like sausage:

Software is like a sausage. You lose your appetite when you see how it is made.

Check out Željko’s blog he’s a Ruby/Watir user. Hey Željko, when are you going to leave the dark side? SWEA is patiently waiting for you! 🙂

One Response to Software is like sausage

  1. I just wanted to thank you for pointing to my blog. But then I discovered a bug in your blogging software, and reporting bugs is not only what I do for living, it is what I do for fun. 🙂

    While posting comment, enter "Željko" at "Name" text field and check checkbox "Remember Me". Next time you make a comment there is "Željko" in "Name" text field. Of course, it should be "Željko".

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