Defect of the day: Repeat songs on MSN Radio

I can’t imagine this is a feature, so I’ll call it my Defect of the Day (imagine loud booming, stereo, monster truck announcer voice with that). Here try it again….DDEEEFECT OF THEEE DAAAAAY:

Many a time while listening to MSN Radio I’ll hear a song that I really like and wish that I could hear it again, over and over and over and OVER. Nothing like a little musical spice while testing, spice that forces you to shake your little booty in your chair while nodding your head rapidly to the beat (all the while making darting glances into you rear-view PC mirror to make sure your co-workers aren’t mocking you in the background).  Back to the defect… Since its “Radio” you can’t rewind or go back right? Wrong…In Media Player (I’m using version 10) when the song is nearing the end press the stop button, the progress indicator will go back to the beginning of the song. Press the play button and the song starts from the beginning. Sweet!

I can’t even begin to tell you the number of defects I found today while testing, groovin’ with my “MSN Radio manual repeat defect”, and Ice Ice Baby.

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  1. Željko says:

    Another cool feature is that you can forward a song that you do not like. But the best one is that you can mute commercials. I have Media Player 10 and listen to Classic Rock station from When commercial comes, I click mute. The best part is that player stays mute only during commercial, when the next song starts to play, volume is back to normal.

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