Some blogging gratification

About a month ago I posted about how NUnit fails with SystemIOFileNotFoundException. This month Noah left a comment stating “A malformed xml file screwed me up too. You saved me hours of my life.”

Hell yeah! My blogging did somebody some good! I love it! This is what I want to see… This is what I want to hear.

As far as I figure you peeps think I’m in it for the Google Adsense revenue but… REALLY I’m not. Yes, the revenue is nice and has paid for my car, bike, house, dog, and the wife’s boob job (super-duper thanks for that by the way), but I’m not materialistic like that. I’m doing this for you peeps…

Google Adsens Revenue for 10 months of blogging: $108.71 (Have you seen my car? Not gonna touch the boob thing). 

Helping somebody via a blog post: priceless 

Thanks for the comment Noah. 🙂

One Response to Some blogging gratification

  1. You did not save me any time (yet), but you made me very happy with your previous post. Takin’ Care Of Business by Bachman-Turner Overdrive plays again and again on my Windows Media player 11. 🙂

    Making one tester happy…

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