MSN Radio is free and has added Pandora

Listening to music at work consists of two services for me MSN Radio and Pandora; both completely different services, both keeping my ears fairly happy. I started with MSN Radio and after a while realized that the songs repeated about halfway through the work day on any specific genre station. Listening to the MSN Local Sounds station gave me a bit more variety but it still repeated and it was only refreshed with new music once a week. Bored of the same ol’ same ol’, I turned to Pandora to build my own customized radio stations with bands and songs that I like. Pandora allowed me to build stations that I entitled “Space Rock” or “Chick Singers” for example. Pretty cool but the music would also get old after a couple of days if I didn’t give a thumbs up to a few new relevant bands it offered up as “Space Rock” or “Chick Singers”. Over time, I found myself switching between the two; Pandora for one day, MSN Radio another, and switching stations after I came back to Pandora and then MSN Radio.

I guess the people at MSN Radio were reading my mind and recognized the benefits of Pandora because they have teamed up with them and now have the Pandora service available on MSN Radio. The service is free, but a subscription will get rid of the ads. To add to an already sweet offering, the MSN Radio service is free now…ALL STATIONS.

The two services aren’t integrated together and I’m not sure if that’s in the big picture for MSN Radio. Currently MSN Radio opens up in Media Player, while using Pandora opens the Pandora player in web browser. It’d be nice to see these two things melded together within Media Player and to have Pandora station building with MSN Radio stations. Just a wish… I’ll be content with what they’ve given me so far. Baby steps…Thanks MSN Radio!

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  1. Robert says:

    Thanks for turning (tuning) me onto Pandora…nice to hear some new stuff in genres’ I like as it’s building my station.

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