What to do when drag and drop on you Virtual PC stops working

Ah, the irony of finding a defect in your testing tool. So annoying… 

When testing on an image in Virtual PC 2004 not a day goes by when the drag and drop copy feature stops working (from the VPC to the host machine or vice versa). Typically a VPC reboot will fix the issue for me but that takes time when your VPC takes a couple minutes to boot. It’s usually easier to just transfer the file through a file share. Frustrating…a ton of copying and file transfer goes on when I’m testing, but I never have the time to troubleshoot such a trivial task and sometimes the reboot isn’t worth the feature.

Ben the VPC Guy blogged about a similar issue. His fix is to kill and restart the explorer process on the host machine. I didn’t have a chance to try this out today, but the next time this occurs (100% likely tomorrow) I’ll try two things: First I’ll kill and restart explorer on the VPC since my problem is fixed by a VPC reboot where his was fixed by a host reboot, if that’s a no-go then I’ll give his fix a try. I’ll let you know.

Update 12/8: Killing explorer on the host or the VPC didn’t work for me. Restarting the VPC works as usual though. What gives Ben?

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