How much is an "ass-load"?

Today I had one of those conversations. You know, the mildly creative, useless, on the verge of non-pc, feeling giddy, make you laugh conversations. The conversation started with Matt saying something along the line of of “I can’t wait to get a new PC so I can have an ass-load of hard drive space”.


Wildly amused and curious how many bits of drive space equate to a ass-load I asked Matt: “How many terabytes is an ass-load”? Aaron chimed in with “I think 4 terabytes is an ass-load”!

Now, exactly when did ass-load become a unit of measurement ?

Alex offered up the biblical time frame and the possibility of how much an ass (donkey) could hold. Hmmm…So if the term was born around the birth of Christ, “were baby Jesus and mother Mary an ass-load”? Was Joseph more than an ass-load and that’s why all the illustrations show Joseph walking next to or leading the ass?

Lets figure out the poundage in an average ass-load. Now, naturally this is going to be an estimate because each ass’ load is definitely going to vary due to age, diet, genes, mental and physical abuse, terrain, attitude, altitude, etc.

Baby Jesus = 8 lbs

Mother Mary: 140 lbs

Given the combined weight of Jesus and Mary an ass-load is going to be roughly 148 pounds.

A hard drive weighs in around 3.5 pounds. 148/3.5 = 42 hard drives that an ass could bear. Forty-two, one terabyte hard drives equates to 42 terabytes. An ass-load of hard drive space, in 2007, given our latest PC technology, is 42 terabytes.

Dream on Matt, you won’t be able get an ass-load of hard drive space in your PC for years to come.

I’ve got to go, I’ve got an ass-load of sleep to catch up on.

3 Responses to How much is an "ass-load"?

  1. Matt says:

    All I need is to put in a request for my own SAN.

  2. Greg says:

    Matt – good luck on that one. šŸ™‚

  3. Dave says:

    Im going to use this in day to day conversations from this point on, maby we can get it to catch on.

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