Shred Your Credit Offers

Rob over at has shown us how incredibly insecure it is to rip up those credit card offers you get in the mail. Rob took an application he received in the mail, ripped it up, taped it back together, filled it out using a different address (his father’s), using his cell phone as a phone number, and submitted it. A few weeks later his Dad received the credit card.

Is that messed up or what? I can just picture some underpaid worker at Chase opening the envelope and entering the data into the system without giving one rip why the app was torn up and re-taped. Sad, oh so sad. Learn a lesson from this folks!

Just in case you don’t get it:

If you rip up your credit card offers and throw them away (or even worse, don’t rip them up at all), a thief can fish them out of the garbage, tape it back together, fill it out with his/her address and phone number and receive that card at his/her address, and then go shopping.


Read Rob’s adventure step by step here.

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