Installshield command line parameters

I’m still up to my neck with installer testing and I’ve started to dig into some of the command line parameters of Installshield and msiexec.exe to better understand how things work and to help Matt with troubleshooting. If you’re new to the Installshield thing then you’ll need to know that an InstallShield .exe wraps a .msi and each can be passed command line parameters (.the .exe takes them, and the exe can pass them to the .msi). Problems can be cryptic and logging can be your best friend. However, making the logging work for you isn’t intuitive and requires some investigation. Here is a little diddy I discovered today that helped us through a defect:

To force the .msi to use its verbose logging feature you would use the following at the command line:

MySexyInstallShieldInstaller.exe /v”/lv C:\myverboselog.txt”

where MySexyInstallShieldInstaller.exe = your InstallShieldInstaller name

where /v = passes everything in the following quotes as arguments to the .msi, or rather msiexec.exe

where “/lv  = l for logging, v for verbose; for the .msi

where C:\myverboselog.txt “ = the directory and name of the file where the logging is done

The output, according to Matt is “really verbose”. Perfect if the defect is easily discovered and fixed! If you’re in the same installer world as me, the following parameter definitions could be helfpul to you:

InstallShield command line parameters are here.

.MSI command line parameters are here.

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