Virtual PC 2007 is Available for Download

Microsoft has released Virtual PC 2007 and it is available for download here. I never had the chance to run the beta and hope to put the release to work soon enough. As blogged by Ben the following are a few key features of Microsoft Virtual PC 2007:

  • Support for x64 Windows as a host operating system
  • Support for hardware virtualization
  • Support for Windows Vista as a guest and host operating system 
  • Support for PXE network booting of virtual machines
  • Support for the use of fullscreen virtual machines on multi-monitor systems (VM still stays on just one monitor though)

I’ll post some comments once I’ve put it through the paces.

One Response to Virtual PC 2007 is Available for Download

  1. I installed 2007 version (I had 2004 version) and now Internet connection in my virtual machines does not work. <a href="">Ugh.</a&gt;

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