Can’t do a drag-n-drop copy to a VPC?

Our Corporate Security group recently was blessed with a 2nd QA person…MR. ROHIT MATHUR (big booming voice there). The guy is freakin’ great at QA, testing, and is also a good friend. I’ve been willingly (big, huge, willingly) sharing my QA responsibilities with him for over a week now and sharing often turns up little QA and test things that are part of my everyday, going through the motions thing that can save a new person on the scene 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour… The scene, and my point today: Virtual PC 2004, what to do when you can’t drag-n-drop copy from the hosting machine to the VPC.

When you can’t drag-copy a file from the host system to your VPC …

Drag-copy a file from the VPC to the host system! By reversing the process, it somehow fixes the issue. Nice defect. Nice work-around. 🙂

Note: This only works if the VPC can be resized by dragging the edges. If you can’t resize the VPC by dragging then you have a bigger copy-paste problem

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