PC won’t boot with ReadyBoost

Jeff Atwood and Scott Hanselman convinced me that running ReadyBoost on Vista was the way to go and they were right. Running ReadyBoost has increased my system performance quite a bit. I set myself up with the Apacer 2GB Handy Steno and saw the gains immediately. ReadyBoost works and it… feels better.  My click and wait is gone.

After about a week of running and loving ReadyBoost I rebooted my PC. It was not happening. Reboot denied. Nothing but a crisp, black & white, you lose, sorry, no way message of: “Invalid or damaged bootable partition”. Being a week later, ReadyBoost wasn’t in the front of my mind so the heart skipped a few beats while my troubleshooting mind raced to and fro. Seconds later, I re-reminded myself of the ReadyBoost change, yanked the drive, and rebooted. No more error message. What the?

My fix… I turned off the USB Boot feature in the boot options of my system BIOS. The other USB drives attached to my PC don’t have this problem but the ReadyBoost drive does for some reason. Oh well. Easy fix.

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  1. Russell Tamas says:

    I am having similar issues. I ended up coming to the same conclusion, disabling my removable media boot option, but I view it as a work around and not fix. The folks in Redmond need to address this.

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