What can be worse than a pile of credit card offers?

Every one of us are annoyed by daily credit card offers in the mail.

What can be worse?

When you open the credit card offer, to break it down to a palatable chunk for your shredder, and you get a paper cut.

This happened to me this evening…

Let’s try this again.

What can be worse?

I already have a credit card with the company (Bank of America) because they acquired my old/original credit card company.

Arghhhh… You’re killin’ me, Smalls!

These people steal my time nearly every day, wouldn’t it be fun if:

  • You saved all the credit card offers for one year, shredded them and sent them back to the bank in a giant box labeled “URGENT, OPEN IMMEDIATELY”
  • You saved all the credit card offers for 5 years, shredded them, and dumped the pile (5 feet high) in front of the entrance to your local, offending branch
  • Saved the offers for one month, drove to the local, offending branch’s drive-through, insert them into the vacuum tube, press the button and drive away
  • You shred the offer, put it back in the business reply envelope (no cost to you), and send it back
  • Shred the offer, lick the envelope, and send only the envelope back
  • Don’t open the offer, mark it “return to sender” and  put it back in the mail
  • Open the offer, use a permanent marker to hide all your personal information, and send it back
  • Create a chain email convincing people of the world to do one of the above mentioned “fun things” on a specified date and time (much like the gas strike email chains)

One Response to What can be worse than a pile of credit card offers?

  1. Creditworthy says:

    I’ll pickup your great ideas to get rid of that irritating mailbox packing. What of the credit card offers I get information from web sources – and no paper excess.

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