Getting logging from an uninstall

When uninstalling a program from Add/Remove Programs that was installed using Installshield you will get no related logging. This is a serious testing and development problem when there is a problem with the uninstall of the program.

How can you output logging to troubleshoot Add/Remove uninstall issues? Mimic the same behavior of Add/Remove Programs from the command line using the following example:

“Test Installer Setup.exe” /uninst /s /v“/qn /Luie \”%TEMP%\Uninstall for Test Install.log\””

Understand InstallShield command line parameters here.

Understand .MSI command line parameters here.

On a side note, uninstalling from Add/Remove programs versus uninstalling via running the installer again can have different results. Make sure you have test cases for both.

Thanks for the uninstall tip Matt.

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