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Contract-First vs Code-First


Two Web Service experts, Ted Neward and Adrian Trenaman, battle out the pros and cons of Contract First and Code-First here. Ted and Adrian touch on the good and bad points of each. If you’re testing Web Services then this is an enlightening 5 minute read.

In the past I was part of a team that tried to implement Contract-First with a large and complex .NET Web Service and it failed us miserably. It turned out to be a manual administration nightmare…That’s my experience.

Spending all my change



I’ve been saving up all my change for about 6 years, and now I’m going to spend it all in one lump sum. 

It wasn’t long ago that decided to move out of my comfort zone by deciding to move the wife and kids to Gilbert Arizona to be closer to wife’s side of the family. Today marks the first official day of that change, today is my last day at Corillian which recently became a part of CheckFree. I’m sad to be leaving such a great group of people, but really excited to do something different. Different as in living in a new state after living in the NW all my life, different as in living in our 1st brand new house, and different as in going to work for!

Stay tuned for a brand new testing and QA adventure…in the thriving desert.

Keep it small with a Software Testing Club


Over the course of the last few months Rosie Sherry and I have had a few conversations where we exchanged thoughts and ideas on testing and QA. I have to say that she is quite the go getter, is plum full of great ideas, and is hell bent on finding ways to bring together us tester and QA folk. Her latest idea, an online Software Testing Club provides us testing types with a social network that has forums, videos, news, test links, and photos.

Rosie has shared a few ideas with me lately, and what I like the most about them is the fact they are small and consumable. Yes, is a similar forum, but it’s sooo huge it’s hard to use and hard to consume. StickyMinds is BIG. (side rant here: I asked to submit an article recently and was asked to fill out this huge, multiple page form to be considered. It would’ve taken me nearly as long to complete the form as to write the article. Suck. Forget about it. BIG = Red Tape).

Small vs. Big…

I think an analogy for my attraction to the smaller forum is:

A person can attend a church that has a HUGE congregation. It’s hard for that person to feel like they are a part of that huge group because there are so many people and its hard to get the attention they may need or desire. How do large churches solve this problem? By encouraging people to join or form a small prayer group.

Don’t go unheard or get lost in the noise of a large group. Join a club. Give Rosie Sherry’s Software Testing Club a try. When the club gets too big for your liking, start your own!

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