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How Open Source Failed Me


For about 2 1/2 years now my wife and I have been keeping a blog for our son Jace. Over at  (notice how all the post images are broken when you go there)  we document the life of Jace and post pictures for 2 reasons:

1. So we can easily share with family
2. Now, 20 years from now, and hopefully forever Jace will have an online “baby book”

In my mind, number 2 being the most important. Why number 2 is such a big deal to me is because my Mom put together and kept 5 baby books for me, from birth to about 13 years old, and those baby books mean a lot when you get older and want to reflect on your past. I want to do the same for my son.

In pursuit of the same but a little more cutting edge than the modern day scrap-booking, I figured the online blog format was the best way to go but needed an image sharing solution. I chose DasBlog for the blog and nGallery for the image sharing solution. Both open source.

DasBlog rocks, it’s a great piece of software with truly dedicated and talented people. nGallery on the other hand… Well it was a great piece of software, it did exactly what I needed but then it was taken over by Community Server and now it is NOT part of the open source/free world.

So here is my issue. This last week I upgraded to DasBlog 2.0  which uses .Net 2.0 but my open source nGallery uses .Net 1.1. I am unable to get both the .Net 2.0 and .Net 1.1 applications  to play nicely in the same sandbox. Even with their own vdirs and application pools. So, now I have a blog/baby book with broken references to a .Net 1.1 nGallery picture gallery. Trying to keep up with the latest in technology hosed me. Suck. So much for a baby book to last decades.

The reality of it is that when I started the blog I didn’t put much thought into how to make an online application/baby book last forever. I am now…I need a solution. Something that will be there when my son is old enough to care. Even if I found a way to fix the problem at hand I am still worried about the future.  What if DasBlog sells out and 10 years from now I’m forced into .Net 8.0 with no backwards compatibility? Screwed again.

What do I do?

Pay for a service? How do I know if they’ll be there in 20 years?

Build and manage my own applications? I don’t have the time.

Am I stupid to put our precious memories on the Internet?

Checking out HttpWatch 5.0


I haven’t talked about HTTPWatch since version 4.1 but last week I had a chance to work with the  5.0 version and I have to say once again: I LOVE IT.  These guys keep me hooked with the simplicity, new features, and ease use with their application. What I’m loving the most in 5.0 is the quick visual of traffic activity (blocked, DNS Lookup, connect, send, wait, receive, TTFB, & network):


The second thing that caught my testing eye was the grouping by page feature which allowed me to expand/collapse by pages:


HTTPWatch 5.0 continues to impress. It’s still by far my preferred tool for viewing HTTP traffic while testing Web applications. You just can’t beat the usability, quick availability from within the Internet Explorer window. And to boot, it has an interface for use with Web application automation! Give it a try for free here.

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