Checking out HttpWatch 5.0

I haven’t talked about HTTPWatch since version 4.1 but last week I had a chance to work with the  5.0 version and I have to say once again: I LOVE IT.  These guys keep me hooked with the simplicity, new features, and ease use with their application. What I’m loving the most in 5.0 is the quick visual of traffic activity (blocked, DNS Lookup, connect, send, wait, receive, TTFB, & network):


The second thing that caught my testing eye was the grouping by page feature which allowed me to expand/collapse by pages:


HTTPWatch 5.0 continues to impress. It’s still by far my preferred tool for viewing HTTP traffic while testing Web applications. You just can’t beat the usability, quick availability from within the Internet Explorer window. And to boot, it has an interface for use with Web application automation! Give it a try for free here.

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