Training videos for Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Software Testers

Lately I’ve been doing Web service testing using Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Software Testers. When I started testing using Team Edition, the features available in the “Software Testers” version were new to me and very confusing. I was able to quickly overcome my inexperience with a set of videos found at There are 27 in all, and the series is entitled: Videos on how to improve the quality and integrity of your software solutions.  I didn’t watch every one of them but I intend to. Check ’em out if you’re just getting started with VS 2005 for Software Testers and I guarantee it’ll give you a serious boost and make you productive a lot faster. 

There is also a great video series available on MSDN entitled How Do I?.  They have a specific subset based on testing entitled: How Do I: Use .NET Code to Customize Coded Web Tests?

Avoid the fumbling around and watch somebody do it first. It makes things so much easier!

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