Running the dog at Cosmo Dog Park

Jake and Daisy

Last Sunday we made our way to Cosmo Dog Park to let our dog Daisy strut her doggy skills. I’m not talking about sniffing other dog butts or leave steaming piles of… uh, hehe. No, I’m talking about her swimming and fetching skills. Labradors are born fetchers and swimmers and she definitely is a Lab.

Cosmo Dog Park is super nice, and it’s hard  to believe it was created for dogs since it’s so big and beautiful. I was surprised to see three concrete, well constructed dog course items/obstacles. My dog was able to do them all the 1st try! I was really impressed and proud of her. I knew she was good but not that good. One obstacle was a large concrete wall with a 3 foot high window/hole in it to jump through. She jumped through on command like a natural (she didn’t even see any other dogs do it before hand either).

If you’re around Gilbert and have your dog with you make sure to check it out. It’s fun for both pooch and owner.

Cosmo Dog Park is located at the northeast corner of Ray Road and the Santan Loop 202 in Gilbert. The hours are 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Cosmo Park is named for Gilbert’s first police dog: Cosmo van Blitsaerd of Holland. The park features a lighted fenced dog park. Timid dogs are directed to use the northern part of the park. There is a lake where dogs may swim and two dog wash stations. Call for information 480-503-6200.

Photo is compliment of Graham Ware at 5 Dog Photography. Thanks Graham.

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