The Art of Unit Testing

is in the process of writing a book entitled The Art of
Unit Testing
. You can read the first chapter for free and/or buy a copy in
advance and read up to chapter 6. I took the time to read chapter 1 last
night and I like what I’m seeing so far. This book will definitely be added to
my collection. What I like the most about this book hit me on the first

“Ever since that first project that failed, I’ve been compiling best
practices for unit tests and using them on the next project. Every time I get
involved in a new project, I find a few more best practices.”

Roy is giving us honest to goodness best practices from real world
experiences; both success and failure with unit testing. If
you’re a developer, architect, development manager, tester, tester-developer or
managing quality, give the practices in this book a try and if it works for you
and your team…spread the word.

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