Back in January I defined an ass-load of hard drive space. Pondering that subject left me with another item in the “To Blog” list that I’m finally getting around to.

What exactly is “half-ass”?

Back when I was young, when it came to doing my chores my Mom consistently claimed that I did them half-ass. More specifically: “You’re not done. THAT’S HALF-ASS”.

The flashbacks to those days where I was scrubbing toilets with tooth brushes will certainly cause me to weep as I write this post, but the tears of pain will turn to tears of evil laughter as I remember using my brother’s tooth brush to scrub the toilet.

Back to my point. Err.. Starting my point that is.


A donkey cut in 1/2 horizontally?

A miniature donkey?

Exerting force with only one butt cheek?

A donkey cut in 1/2 vertically?

Half the load that an average donkey can carry?

Honestly Mom, what the hell do any of those that have to do with me pulling weeds in our 1/4 acre backyard, for 4 hours, for $1.00?

UrbanDictionary votes the definition of half-ass to be:
1) Done half-way
2) Not done with quality

Ah, yes. My work was half-ass, as in definition #2, “Not done with quality”

Ironic isn’t it? The Quality Assurance Engineer, Brent Strange, did his chores…

(e.g. family laundry, empty the dishwasher, mowed the lawn, trimmed the edge of the lawn on his hands and knees with a cheesy Black & Decker edge trimmer, weeded the bark-dust, weeded the garden, baby sat his brother, vacuumed the house every other day…yeah I was 8, but I’m not bitter)

…so that they were “Not done in quality”

And here we come to the end of yet another career limiting post. Thank you for your time. Get back to work you half-ass.

Still here? You have a real motivation problem. Time for a reality check… Is your ass half full or half empty?