HD DVD. Should I?

I made my decision about a year ago. The format I want to use is HD DVD. That’s my vote.

XBox.com is offering 5 free HD movies with the purchase of the XBox360 HD DVD Player or the Toshiba HD-A3 DVD Player. If you buy the XBox 360 version you also get a copy of King Kong. A pretty sweet deal, however..

This whole Blu-Ray versus HD DVD issue is pathetic and vaguely familiar. Can you say BetaMax versus VHS? Why do they do this to us? I have a beautiful TV capable of 1080P and really want to get started on a 1080 movie collection but don’t want to make the wrong choice and end up with a library of unwatchable movies. Yes unwatchable, as I conform to the industry and buy products that use the industry chosen format (video camera, video converters, portable player, etc) those movies in the other format will quickly gather dust. 

Sure, for home I can buy the LG BG100 that is capable of both formats and cover my format player bases. But I still have my problem…I really want to start buying high definition movies. I suppose by buying a HD DVD Player and getting these movies I am “voting” for HD DVD and this is my contribution to helping the industry decide on the chosen format. It just disgusts me that my vote could turn into a player that everybody will laugh at me for owning 2 years from now. But the bright side is that I’ll have a beautiful collection of HD DVD drink coasters.

What to do? 

3 Responses to HD DVD. Should I?

  1. David Drake says:

    I’d wait a little while longer. Certainly, there are good reasons to run with HD-DVD, but it’s being outsold (the movies, not the "dedicated" players) by a wide margin. It doesn’t seem like now would be a good time to build your library there, unless you’re more than an enthusiast; you’d need the sacrificial faith of a true believer.

    My opinion is definitely biased, though, since I own a ps3.

  2. Greg Hughes says:

    The biggest difference between the current standards competition and the one between betamax vs. VHS is one of physical media compaitibility. With Blu-Ray and HD-DVD, the discs can fit in the same player, so it’s possible to make backward compaitibility in future players a reality for everyone.

    I’d say the 360 HD-DVD player and get the deal. That’s what I did (before the 5-HD-DVD deal was available) and I have been quite happy with the decision so far. I use it for HD and standard DVDs all the time. Having it attached to the 360 means less devices to interface with on the surround receiver/tuner, and overall it works well for me.

  3. Brent,
    I’m a bit behind on my reading (as you can see) but had to respond to this post because I feel the same way that you do. I’ve already bought most of my favorite movies and tv shows in DVD format, upgrading a large library of VHS tapes to DVD as well as purchasing many, many new titles. I’m on board with moving to high-def like the rest of the world, but when faced with replacing thousands of dollars of movies already, the prospect of potentially picking the lame horse in the race makes an already sour sounding deal fall right off the table and into the trash. I’m waiting to see who establishes market dominance and for now just enjoying my movies in DVD format. I can’t stomach the thought of spending $30 per coaster right now, even if the picture is bigger, brighter, and more better.

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