The Tester Wind-up

We testers have a wind-up.

No, not  wind-up as in wind us up and watch us go like a little Chihuahua nipping at the heels of software

Wind up Chihuahua

I’m talkin’ rear back on the haunches, LOAD UP, and DELIVER:

The wind up

Except in my software testing mind I see it more like this:


My wind-up consists of:

  • Gathering requirements
  • Writing test cases 
  • Getting to know the application
  • Setting up the test or automation framework

Once I wind up, the blow is…





That poor, poor, POOR piece of software. Let the defects flow like the river Nile.

But really, is it any one persons fault?


Marketing defined it as (notice its a little dark and hard to see):

marketing requirements

Developers did their best with the shady requirements and time constraint:

developer result

And well, testers tend to deliver a smack-down and exposed the frightening truth:

testing result

Wind-up and deliver that blow Mike Erbes!

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