Lauren Snyder presents an Introduction to Watir

Tuesday evening I had the opportunity to attend my first Phoenix Software Quality Association meeting (PSQA) where another Rock-Star GoDaddy employee Lauren Snyder presented an “Introduction To Watir”. It was really great to see her enthusiasm for automation and on top of that she is a great presenter. The presentation provides a HEAP of information about Watir and would be valuable to anyone diving into Watir.


Awe, never mind.

Lauren gave me permission to post the presentation here for your consumption:

Introduction To Watir.htm
Introduction To Watir.ppt (Powerpoint 2003, 8 MB)

If you’re in or are interested in software quality assurance, and are in the Phoenix area, be sure to check out the PSQA site and come to our next meeting.

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  1. I posted a link to the presentation at Watir wiki
    articles page.

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