Seven Keys for a Successful Automation Project

I found a great article over at the Google Testing Blog entitled Automating tests vs. test-automation. The article does a great job of summing up some things about automation that I had to learn myself over the years. The last set of bullets is oh-so-true, and if you are starting down the automation project path be sure to heed the advice:

To summarize, I figured out that a successful automation project needs:

  • to take the internal details and exposed interface of the system under test into account,
  • to have many fast tests for each interface (including the UI),
  • to verify the functionality at the lowest possible level,
  • to have a set of end-to-end tests,
  • to start at the same time as development,
  • to overcome traditional boundaries between development and testing (spatial, organizational and process boundaries), and
  • to use the same tools as the development team.

    It’s refreshing to hear this come from somebody else; especially a team at Google. It helps me justify in my paranoid mind that my thoughts about how automation should work are sane and that GoDaddy’s latest automation initiative is going to work.

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