XSSDetect: A Static Analysis Tool for Detecting XSS

The ACE TEAM over at Microsoft has released a tool that does static analysis for cross site scripting (XSS). Confused about what a static analysis tool is? The ACE TEAM explains it well:

There are two types of web application vulnerability scanners: dynamic and static. Dynamic analysis tools are also called penetration testing tools. You point such a tool at a live application; the tool begins crawling the web pages in the application and throws test strings at each of them. The effectiveness of a penetration testing tool is therefore dependent on its ability to go through all the use cases in the application. Most tools in the market, if not all, are not very good at it. Static analysis tools on the other hand scan the application source code or binaries to detect programming errors. Consequently, they offer 100% coverage and are able to identify many more vulnerabilities than penetration testing tools. XSSDetect is a static analysis tool.

Get all the specific details on how XSSDectect works here. XSSDetect is now in Beta and is a free download here. Question is, who is going to run the tool in your company? QA or Dev? We all know who should be running it first. Don’t we? DON’T WE? Okay then, download it, play with it, get to know it, present it to the Dev team (making you look REALLY smart and up to par on the latest technology), and then talk them into running it against their code before release for testing.

Life is good when your app isn’t vulnerable to XSS. Life is better when the developer finds the XSS vulnerability before you do.

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