Sports For Fun and The Lil’ Dribblers Program


Our youngest son Jace, recently completed his first basketball program. The Lil Dribblers program by Sports For Fun here in Gilbert was a great start for him to learn the fundamentals of any sport, fundamentals that are summed up well in the Sports For Fun mission statement:

“The Mission of Sports for Fun is to promote and maintain a wholesome, healthy and educational coed sports program design for kids.

Sports for Fun will accomplish these enduring principles by building upon the foundations of honesty, character, teamwork and sportsmanship.”

Jace and I had a blast. Not only did Jace learn the values put forth in the mission statement, he learned how to dribble, shoot, and pass, made new friends, and got to bond with his Dad (which is priceless for me).

Being as little as he is (turning 3 next month) the program had gear for his tiny skill level (e.g. short hoop, small basketballs) as well as gear for the older kids (the program is for 3-5 years old). If you have a 3-5 year old, put your kid in the Lil Dribblers program it’s on Saturday mornings, is six weeks, and is an experience that you definitely want to share with your child.

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  1. Mom says:

    WOW Andy, what a nice letter from Jace’s Dad.

    I’m sure you know how very proud I am of you, all the time, no matter what you do with your life. The Lil Dribblers have one heck of a coach, and you’ve always had personality plus.

    See you at XMAS.

    I Love You,

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