Visual Studio 2008 Pro for FREE

Microsoft is doing a Visual Studio 2008 Installfest at various locations across the country!

What specifically is “Installfest”? Tim at Microsoft says:

“Want the latest IDE toolset and start developing solutions in .NET 3.5 using Ajax, Silverlight, LINQ, Astoria and all the good stuff? What are you waiting for?  There are various Visual Studio 2008 Installfests around the country.  My team in the west is no different, but maybe you’ve been having a hard time finding them?  Here’s a list for all those happening in the west!  please feel free to blog and spread the word. We’re providing a location, install dvds (these will be evals because the finals aren’t pressed yet), and food/drinks.  This will be a good time to get some questions answered, get VS 2008 installed, play around, and hang out with your peers.  Each registered and attended individual will receive a special code to receive the fully-licensed Visual Studio 2008 Professional copy sent to them when the full package product is available to ship. Don’t miss these events!!!  Registration is limited, so get in now and mark your calendars!”

If you’re in Phoenix, our Installfest is shaping up to be December 20th. Watch the AZGroups calendar for details.

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