Is Bugzilla dying?

Max has some interesting points about the long ago chosen language choice for the bug tracking tool Bugzilla: Perl. What is the popular Bugzilla’s future, due to the limitations of the Perl? It sounds like they are thinking about a rewrite. Can an open source product survive a transition of that magnitude? This will be interesting to see how it pans out. Open source failed me once, I hope it doesn’t fail the testing community.

One Response to Is Bugzilla dying?

  1. Dave says:

    Max made those comments a long time ago (it’s been several months), and there’s been a lot of additional discussion in many places other than his blog post since then. Bugzilla is by no means dying, and in fact has seen a lot more active development since he made that post, whether it’s Perl or not. No rewrite is planned, as it would be too much work and not worth the effort in lost development time.

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