MSDN Tester Center

I noticed the other day that MSDN has a testing section entitled Testing Center. It appears its been out there a while and I somehow missed it (which is amazing when I consider the amount of time I spend on MSDN).

Anyway, there are some interesting things going on out there:

Whiteboard Videos: Decent, short topics. It’s hard to read the white board though, which I found really annoying.

Technical Articles: Not too many articles out here, but a good start?

Tester Center Downloads: Three testing tools. Again, a good start.

As an automation engineer that lives mostly in a .NET testing framework I really appreciate MSDN and I’m happy to see a section dedicated to testing. Having MSDN and its abundance of resources as well as video training really makes my job easier. Having these resources available to me also gives me great comfort in my choice to use .NET as the platform for automated testing.

Microsoft, Visual Studio, and MSDN have come a long way over the years. Kudos to Microsoft for making my job easier.

I’ll get off my Microsoft soapbox now.

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