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I’m Going to Have a Go at "Testing Screencasts"


I’ve realized the beauty of screencasts at work recently. About a month ago I spent a week and half giving a training presentation 6 times to train the whole QA team at GoDaddy. After presentation #2 I was bored and felt like a programmed robot. Recently, I decided that screencasting might be a better way of training so many people, so I did one. Success or failure is still to be determined, but I really like the idea of being able to show people how to do something rather than explain in it with a ton of words and expect them to venture out on their own and remember what I told them.

Me: Why not carry that thinking into this blog?
You: Great idea Brent!
Me: Do you really think so? Thanks!
You: Don’t fail me.
Me: Bite me. You want it or not?

I’m adding a “Testing Screencasts” category. Get ready to do some watching and listening. I’ll start small, until I gain some screencasting mojo.

Silverlight Spy


imageI ran into another Silverlight snooping application today: Silverlight Spy

This one is pretty cool in the fact that you can point it towards a Web site/Silverlight application and it will allow you to peruse the plugin using i’ts XAML Explorer as well as change the properties and and actual XAML on the fly. Seeing tools like this tells me that automating a Silverlight application is easily doable. Flash on the other hand…an automation nightmare. I wish it would go away.

Here is the current feature list:

  • Convenient XAML object explorer
  • XAML object property grid allows for getting and settings property values
  • Regeneration of the XAML xml based on the object model
  • Statistics of used objects
  • Tracing facility for debugging Silverlight 1.0 applications

Download Silverlight Spy.

Silverlight Documentation.

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