A Visual for SharePoint Terminology

I do my best to try to hide my SharePoint/MOSS 2007 skills that I’ve developed over the years. Mostly because, well..let’s just say SharePoint is not fun in my eyes, nor easy to manage. It’s a very powerful and robust machine which can make it quite complicated to administer. And no matter how you administer it, you can’t seem to make everyone happy.

On to the point of the post… For the life of me I can’t find a nice structure and terminology visual aid to give to SharePoint newbies. I’ve needed this a few times in a meetings where we try to derive a usable taxonomy for the company and group. People get lost in the terminology which can pretty quickly knock the meeting productivity to lull. I did happen to find a small verbal  explanation by Mauro Cardarelli though. In an effort to keep a recent meeting inline I created a visual based on Mauro’s definitions. Here it is:


Click the image to get the full size .png or click here for the Visio version (.vsd): Sharepoint_Terminology.zip (33.81 KB)

2 Responses to A Visual for SharePoint Terminology

  1. Greg Hughes says:

    Nice. More visuals is a good idea. SharePoint can be frustrating, true, but it’s also a pretty darn decent platform to build ad hoc business apps upon, while doing so in a single environment.

  2. "pretty darn decent platform to build ad hoc business apps upon"

    I fully agree. After shopping around and trying other products, I honestly feel it’s the best in the industry for document and knowledge collaboration. I was just venting. 🙂

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